Monday, September 8, 2008

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Pisces (without the connecting cord) Picture is courtesy of DaveGray from Flickr who wrote to me:

This is one of a series of Zodiac signs on the gates of The Golden Portal, the original entrance to St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. I don't have any history on the gates but I think they are fairly modern (<>30Yrs). I believe the figures are intended to display attributes of the sign. I took the entire series of figures while in Prague with my wife earlier in 2008. The others are also on my Flickr pages.

Later DaveGray added the following:  
After writing to you I had a look at the Zodiac signs in their correct order and I believe the figures are illustrating the seasons labours and fruits, as they occur in each sign, not necessarily anything to do with attributes of the Zodiac signs themselves.

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