Sunday, September 7, 2008

Parts of the Body Associated with the Zodiac Signs

We see here a diagram of parts of the body associated with the zodiac Signs. Picture is courtesy of from Flickr who wrote to me:

The image is a display of the parts of the body associated with the Zodiac signs, Pisces is associated with the feet and therefore you see it by the base of the feet. 
I collect various images from my collection of Astrology books, I only have posted a few on the flickr account. These types of pictures are usually common to old ephemeris.

Astrological healing is termed melothesia. According to this theory parts of the body were identified with the different Astrological signs. Astrological healing included prescriptions (based on the Astrological-qualities of plants, animals and stones) and amulets, which denied unfavorable influences. In melothesia Pisces has influence on the feet.

The following stones are associated with Pisces: amethyst, lingam, citrine, black or green tourmaline, bloodstone, , kyanite, , sodalite, aquamarine.

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