Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sign of Completion

Pisces sign, glyph, character traits and dates are carved into stone in The Zodiac Wensum Park, Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK

Designer: Tchenka Jane Sunderland

Picture is courtesy of Leo Reynolds from Flickr.

Thomas Burgoyne in his book The light of Egypt, 1903 (Gutenberg Project) brought two lines from a poem about Pisces:                                               

Near their loved waves cold Pisces take their seat

With Aries join, and make the round complete.  


Burgoyne went on to claim that Pisces is a sign of completion. 

The soul has now completed the first round, or rung, in the Cycle of Necessity; and its next state is that of incarnated man. It has triumphed over every sphere below, and defied, in turn, every power above, and is now within that sixth state of the embryonic soul-world that transforms all its past knowledge, sorrow, and suffering, into experience; and produces the impersonal man.  

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Lvka said...

Pisces were the constellation to rise first above the horizon 2,000 years ago. Nowadays it it Aquarius.

The fishes and loaves of bread that Jesus used when multiplying the food.

The sign of Jonah.

The Apostles were fisher of men. (Four of them being actual fishers by profession).

The Ihtys = Greek for fish and the anagram of the Greek phrase Iesuos Hristos Teou Ieos Soter = Jesus Christ the Son of God the Saviour.