Sunday, October 19, 2008

Switzerland Postage Stamp

Pisces sign (without the connecting cord) appears on a Swiss postage stamp issued in 1982

Colum Hourihane from Princeton University edited the book (2006) 

Time in the Medieval World 

Occupations of the Months and Signs of the Zodiac in the Index of Christian Art

The book has 328 pages and 656 illustrations. It  includes the most extensive list of zodiac signs, in sculptures, mosaics, leather, ivory, fresco, illustrations etc. It is an amazing scholarly achievement!

Colum Hourihane wrote about Pisces: 

Pisces is represented by two fishes and is linked to the month of February… The two fishes nearly always swim in opposite directions and are often linked together by a cord from both of their mouths. They usually swim horizontally but can also be shown going vertically… Water is sometimes shown around them, but there can also be a blank undecorated area, and occasionally… the two are suspended above a lake. Occasionally they are mirror images of each other…

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