Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disciples as Astrological Signs

Pisces appears here on a detail from a miniature zodiac, which is held today by the Vatican (Vaticanus graecus 1291).

The Picture is copied from Wikipedia entry: Byzantine art uploaded by “Javits2000” 

Source: Ptolemy's Handy Tables

Dated from 813-820 C.E. (during the reign of Constantine V).

Center: Helios in his chariot identified by the Cross as Jesus.

12 naked female figures represent the hours.

12 dressed male figures (The Apostles) represent the twelve months. 

Labels: month names in Greek

Zoom in by clicking the “All Sizes” command above this zodiac picture in Flickr.

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AutumnLeaves said...

There are two wheels of words; which is which and what is on the second? Thanks! (I am working on an art project, so am hopeful you can help me with this image a bit further.)