Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pisces is Judas

Zodiac glyphs on the 15th century Prague upper clock and on the bottom clock we see zodiac signs with the twelve apostles and with scenes of country life for each month.  The equation between the signs and the twelve apostles seems to change from one interpreter to the other – here’s a version I found on the web-page of anglefire


  1. Aries/Peter
  2. Taurus/Simon
  3. Gemini/James
  4. Cancer/Andrew
  5. Leo/John
  6. Virgo/Philip
  7. Libra/Nathaniel
  8. Scorpio/Thomas
  9. Sagittarius/James
  10. Capricorn/Matthew
  11. Aquarius/Thaddeus
  12. Pisces/Judas

Picture is courtesy of hugovk from Flickr.


claritas said...

this list doesnt make sence

thomas is the taurs and judas is a leo

Anonymous said...

this list is absolutely correct

devon morris said...

Judas doesn't even have the negative traits of a Pisces.Judas is not a Pisces.